Days of Being Wild

For a long time, I sat here thinking of a name for this blog that would capture its essence. Being neither clever nor witty with words, I grew lazy and named it after one of my favorite movies. The movie I chose is the exact movie that gave a big break to my favorite director, Wong Kar Wai, when he was first starting out. At the time, I thought it would put me in the spirit of finding my big break. While registering this blog, though, I realized that I was not very original in thinking this.

You'll actually find several blogs on the internet under the same name (it's even the name of a DJ). Like mine, most of them have nothing to do with the movie. Despite the many Days of Being Wild clones out there, I'd like to think that the name means a little more to me. I didn't know it at the time, even after writing the tagline, but Days of Being Wild is the most apt name this blog could have.

This blog is not only about photography but about a wild, aimless journey in photography. When you begin to think "I'd like to be a 'photographer'" the question that always follows is 'what sort of photographer?' The daring ones go on to be war photographers and the posh ones become fashion photographers while the majority stick to weddings and portraits. But for me, I was never able to answer that question.

The main character of Days of Being Wild, the movie, often refers to himself as a “bird without legs”. He was always flying and would sleep on the wind, only ever landing when he's dead. After trying out this name, I came to realize that the legless bird was the perfect metaphor for how I felt about my photography. I'm not simply an observer that takes photos when I see a gem but rather a dabbler that can't seem to settle with just one way of photographing. I'm wandering in the endless forest of photographic possibilities, and these are my days. In the words of Lord Byron, "there is a pleasure in the pathless woods."